The leading escort agency Pakistani Escorts Services is charging you comparatively very less as compared to the other escort service providers. We term this as our professional responsibility and aim to follow the blue-book of Top 10 UK escort agencies. Our motto, that we keep on stating on several occasions and escort pages is that we do not make ONLY money but we make clients too; client is the revenue. Clients and their satisfaction is our real wealth and virtual asset. We value you more than anything else and do our level best to keep on providing you with drop dead gorgeous and mind blowing ladies to quench the thirst of your wild desires.
Our female escorts can meet you only in hotels and not at your private premises. If you are in Lahore then you can chose Hotel Avari Lahore, Savoey Hotel Gulberg, Hotel One Mall road branch and Hotel One Gulberg branch. Marvell Hotel in Defence Housing society Lahore -DHA. Please avoid hotel Pearl Continental as they normally don’t allow the escorts there up to the rooms of their clients. Still if you are staying at Hotel PC and you don’t have any option for premises then call our representative and he will guide you how to enjoy at PC without any hassle.
Beauty of The Girls of Lahore is legendary, Lahore the land of many folk cultures and folk stories. In this historical city of Lahore we instill our efforts to fish out the “best-stuff” for you, and to deliver you the best of the best escort services; We keep updating our escort galleries and studio gallery to furnish you with a wide variety to choose from we keep on hire and firing to update you with new fashion models, celebrities, awesome/sizzling/beautiful & remarkable female companions and girls for one night stand from all age groups. But still we keep in view the quality factor that girls in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are elite and elegant plus being professionals in providing a true girl friend experience and a memorable companionship. Our rates in Lahore are competitive and you will not find these services charged unfair at all when you would use our services. Our service charges are as under

  • Normal Service charges for our escorts in Lahore / Lahori Girls start from 25,000 to 150,000 PKR and above.
  • We do not have any escort charging less than 20,000 PKR
  • Our Pakistani escort agency also offer you local and international showbiz actresses, celebrities, fashion models and catwalk glamour girls on your demand.

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In Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan and in Karachi the only metropolitan city of Pakistan, all what we have is extraordinary escort girls for your satisfaction better than any other service provider. Our rates in Islamabad and Karachi are almost same.

In Islamabad and Karachi our services charges starts from 35,000 to 40,000 PKR and on wards.
Please note that in case of top models and actresses charges can vary due to their name and fame and normally starts from 200,000 PKR and onwards….

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At the moment we are running over 10 escort services websites locally and internationally
You can surf other escort providers and we guarantee you that you will not find anyone with this much variety as we do. At Pakistani escorts services YOU always come first, we keep your safety, privacy and discretion as our main priority. We value you and your requisites more than anything else and that is the reason why we feel that we should provide high quality female companions and escorts in competitive rates.

Pakistan Escort Agencies Fulfil the Requirements of Both Men and Women

When it comes to escort agencies and its service providers, there has definitely been some improvement over the years and more of it is expected to happen in future as well. Nowadays, you can hire elite escorts, no matter which part of the country you stay. You can also hire Pakistani call girls for sex.

Most good escort agencies have their own websites through which their services can be hired. They usually have pictures of escorts working for them available on the websites as well. The entire process of booking escorts is as easy.

Peak Seasons for Pakistani Escort Agencies

Escort agencies are basically an organization that provides a unique kind of service. So, they would obviously get more people to hire their services. Pakistani escorts dating services, comprises of a host of packages as well as attractive models to cater to the client’s needs. They are also very versatile when giving out their services whether its incall or outcall. Hence their popularity always remains intact.

Pakistan, being a religious country has numerous holidays. It is during the holiday season that most men or women look to hire escorts in order to have a relaxing time and enjoy themselves. However, that would be true for any country. People are usually looking for ways to have fun and relax during the holidays.

What better way to do that than hire an elite escort? So, escort agencies do get more clients during the holidays. Also, around the time of Valentine’s Day, people who feel lonely often turn to escort services. This is when Pakistani Dating online comes to the rescue. People hire companions for themselves from escort agencies during such times.

What kind of men search for Pakistani Escorts?

With the advent of internet, it has become easier to search about virtually anything. A simple search on Google and you will have all the relevant results straight away. Same can be said about escort agencies and services. People looking to hire such services usually turn to the internet for finding good agencies in their area.

There are different kinds of men seeking women who search for Pakistani escorts on Google. More than most, it is often the businessmen who are looking to hire escort services online. A businessman’s life is a hectic one. They usually don’t have time to date. So, they are left with no option but opt for escort agencies to hire companionship services.

Also, these men are usually tired from work and are always looking for ways to relax. Also, businessmen travel a lot throughout the country for business meetings, events, etc. When they land in a new city, they often tend to search for escorts in the particular area.

Just like businessmen, other men doing jobs have less opportunity to interact with women. Escort services come to the rescue for such men as well. Usually, it is the single men looking to hire dating services online. Another category of men looking to hire escorts are young boys. In their youth, these boys want to explore their deepest sensuality. They are always eager to find female companionship. Contacting an escort agency is one of the easiest way to do so.

Women Looking for Escorts

In modern times, it is not just the men looking to hire escort services, there are female looking for male escorts as well. Just like any other sphere nowadays, escort services are no longer limited to just men. Nowadays, Pakistani escort agencies even hire male escorts to satisfy the needs of their female clients. Usually, a particular escort agency only caters to the need of either men or women. However, it is also possible for escort agencies to provide escort services for both men and women.

In general escort services have a lot of benefits to offer. So, there is no reason why such services should be specifically limited to males. Women seeking men should also be able to enjoy the perks of escort services. After all, even they desire male companionship. Nowadays, such women usually contact escort agencies in Pakistan to see if they offer male escort services or not. There are certain escort agencies that specifically cater to the needs of such women.

Nowadays, women are not just looking for men; there are women seeking women as well. These women are either bisexual or lesbians. When they are unable to find companions, they usually turn to escort agencies for dating services. Some escort agencies do have lesbian female escorts working for them.

So, whether it is women seeking male escorts or Pakistani lesbian escorts, there are escort agencies in Pakistan to cater to your needs. No matter what your preferences are, you will definitely find someone in these escort agencies. There is hardly any easier or more convenient way to find yourself a date.

Become a part of us. We are nothing without you. Let’s have fun, ring the bell……. Whatsapp Us at +923205137218 or fill out our customer contact form and we will hit you back right away.
Note: Rates are flexible