What skills and requirements a female should have if they want to join escort agency?

Professional escorts are not promoted through their demeaning and tasteless nude pictures as by virtue of their bodily attributes. Many may find this surprising, but as it so happens, these are all secondary qualities. For those who want to join escort agency their USP is their companionship qualities, more so in case where gentlemen seek for a real woman.

Talents for girls who want to join escort agency:

There are numerous agencies which state that “we hire female escorts having the ability to offer mental stimulation, emotional intimacy and that psychological support. For us, these are equally important as looks and body presentation.”

For sure, she should have the physical presentation to look stunning in two-piece attire, but that happens to be just the tip of the iceberg. So on that note, this post will straighten out those talents which girls stating-“I need sex worker job” should possess.

The overall look:                                                         

This an industry which is dependent on images and hence girls who want call girl job need to have a fresh face, eye-pleasing assets and more importantly an unblemished complexion. You as a girl you should be a blank canvas who should be able to meet the yearnings of clients in the best manner possible. You should depict yourself as a refined form of beauty.

Confidence and communiqué skills:

One of the important aspects for girls who want to work as escort is confidence. This is a job which needs girls to meet up with unseen people every day. And that needs confidence. The girl needs to communicate properly and openly with their clients in order to understand the small things which give happiness to them internally.

An open mindset:

This is another important criterion which girls wanting to become escorts should have. They should be able to gel with their clients and make the best usage of their time with them.  An avid lover of life, they should live their life as it’s a celebration. And that same feeling should be infused or transferred to whoever they are with for any length of time!

Superlative seductresses:

They should be firm believers that carnal pleasure is the best form of pleasure known to humanity. Abiding to this belief, they should have terrific titillation techniques. Their skills as a seductress should make their clients sweat for the entire duration of the passion play. Using their ineffable bodies, they should be able to generate superlative romance and hit the perfect arousing zones to make their clients have a wonderful release.

Things needed to be done post becoming an escort:  

The older the wine, the better it tastes and the older the women, the better they get in terms of knowing their body and their sexuality. So honestly there is not much that one needs to do as with time everything takes place on its own. And this in referenced to all the aspects which are mentioned afore.

In addition to perfect these mentioned skills, an escort model should-

  • Try and come up with newer and kinkier ways to please their clients in bed thus ensuring more passionate endings.
  • They should also work on their physical appearance and if possible hit the gym and develop a figure which amps up their overall appeal.
  • They should keep a watch on their out of proportion busts, their overly pouted lips, surgery scars or facial marks.
  • They should refine their personality such as how to elegantly walk, sit, converse and gracefully present herself!
  • They should know which look and style goes well with their personality.
  • Lastly, an escort in order to transcend into an elite courtesan should maintain proper hygiene and should learn the high societal mannerisms.

These are some tips which girls who want to join escort agency, as well as existing escorts desiring to become elite escorts, should look to follow.


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